Discover About Sach Fitness Work

Sach Fitness Work is a celebration of ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes - from the young teenagers to the most poised, vibrant woman who loves the style.

Our passion

Is a long journey and we have just started. We aim to change the active wear wardrobe for better. Market is full of various active wear labels and brands. We aim to evolve and improve the style and quality of our garments.

Our mission

To provide the ultimate comfort in every piece so the wearer looks and feels radiant for any workout. Whether it’s running in winter or in warm summer or a high intensity work, a weight lifting session or a cross-fit competition or just another day at home or in the gym, we aim to give every girl and woman the chance to stand out from the crowd no matter where she goes.

The essence of our brand is feminine chic, reflected as unique colours and bold designs that make the wearer feel free, original, true to herself, uniquely polished and gorgeous - all the traits that will make you exude nothing but confidence